Monday, January 31, 2011

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce a few more people that make up a daily being. These are 3 extra people with whom we ate dinner with. Any they also say very stupid things as you will see.

The first we shall call Susie B, a very smart soul, although she does leave you questioning her train of thought at times. Why is she called Susie B? You would swear that she was Susan Boyle's long lost daughter. Our Susie B is almost married to another smart cookie, but he shows it. We shall name him the mutant. Not my choice of description, was all his idea. And finally, there is the Budgie, the friendly neighbourhood go-to guy.

Dinner was spent in a local Indian resturant. All very lovely, until we start talking. Some stupid comments of the evening...

Susie B - You should credit check these people before you sleep with them.
Susie B - Dont you steal a karaf from my wedding!
Mutant - What's a karaf? Is it kinda like a giraffe?
Susie B - SBW is a slab of meat with eyes.

Thats all. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I have decided to keep a record of all the stupid things my darling girlfriend says. There are often many, and I also think to myself that I must remember them and blog it. So here it is.

Let me offer you all a little background on our life. We are a little family of 2 grownups (not that we really act it, but our birth certificates suggest that we are indeed of the grown up variety) and a small white sheep. Not an actual sheep, this is our darling little fur baby called Boston, a cavoodle. We own a house, which we dont yet live in. As such are living with my mother. This is most likely where the majority of the idiotic things will come from as our sanity is fast disappearing the longer we are here. My mother may find herself making regular appearances in this blog, as she talks randomly all the time too.

Little Boston has a girlfriend called Izzy. We have had to sit him down and explain what appropriate behaviour towards the opposite sex is, and that not all girls want to be taken advantage off on the first date. To be honest, I really dont think he listens very much at all.

We have a very good buddy, the male influence in our furbabys life. He is known as the Lesbro. Lesbro is not entirely a good influence on furbaby, as he enourages him to misbehave. But we love him just the same.

Izzy'z mummys, well one in particular, tries awfully hard to make a decent soul of our furbaby. Generally she does a wonderful job, until he walks out of her gates then goes back to doing what he does best...whatever he wants to.

So this is us. Our happy insane little family and our crazy little life.

So, stupid thing number 1...I find it frustrating to watch you breathe sometimes.